About Us :
It's good to be curious !

Everthing you need to know about SmartElectronic.

Who We are :

SmartElectronic was born from the meeting of a group of engineers but also serial entrepreneurs. We decided to join forces in a single company offering our best knowledges and experiences.

What SmartElectronic means :

With an international founder team but based in China, we all think that technologies should be for a better living
We are focusing on :
* Smart
* Green
Combining all technologies we plan to make our planet green again

SmartElectronic will pull deep from its best resources to help you reach your targets, adjusting constantly to your market and your needs.

What We offer :

more than 35 years of comprehensive experiences:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Project Planning
  • Manufacturing and Plant Management
  • Process and Automation Management

But also:

  • R&D Development in Electronics
  • Software Development

Where We are :

With an International mindset,
SmartElectronic headquarter is located in
Hainan Island "the Chinese Haiwaii"- China.

Nevertheless our company has already tied
solid partnerships not only in China
but also in Europe as well as North America.

Mixing people and cultures
Situated at a civilization crossroad,
we offer the best Asia and Western cultures to YOU !